Diabetes: Must Be Mathematically Proficient

If there is something most of my family does not enjoy, it’s math. Unless it has to do with adding and subtracting their spending money. Of course they are all over that!

It makes it interesting that the treatment and care of diabetes includes SO. MANY. NUMBERS.

There’s carbs. “How many carbs are in this?”

And blood sugar “What is my current blood sugar? What do I need my blood sugar to be?”

And insulin, oh my. “How many units of this do I need to take?”

My dear, overly sweet (hence the diabetes? He’s so sweet, he’s diabetic. HA) husband doesn’t like to think about it. His mind shuts off after adding up the carbs. Then he just takes a stab at it. “This looks like 10 units of insulin.”. Boom.

It never quite works out as well as he hopes it will. He either under doses and ends up feeling miserable from a high blood sugar, or he over doses and ends up feeling miserable from a low blood sugar.

“This one is too much, this one is too little…. this one is just right!”

This is the formula we use for dosing his insulin:

(Current blood sugar – target blood sugar)/amount glucose drops with each unit + (number of carbs/carbs per unit) = insulin dosage

That doesn’t sound complicated at all, right? I have to write this stuff down, because it’s more like this:

Carbs in meal (cottage cheese + fruit + salad/ dressing/ toppings + main course)

Take blood sugar. “Hon, how many carbs did you say were in the meal?”

“Hold on! I’ll add it up again.” Weigh, add, calculate.

“Shoot. I already forgot what my blood sugar was.” Checks monitor again. “Okay, I am _____ now, I want to be _____. I need it to drop 35 units, and I have to dose for my meal, and crap, 10! 10 is good.”

Then there is me. “No, hold on, I got this. You should actually take 6”.

Diabetes is a math nightmare. So, kids, if you are sitting in math class, rolling your eyes, thinking “When will I ever use this????”, remember


(Although I hope it never happens to you)

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