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It’s a short one today, dear readers. Short but important. I want to share the links and resources that I find are valuable in managing my husband’s diabetes. He tests the blood sugars and gives the shots, but I learn the info. It works for us.

Here are two other diabetes related blogs I have come across since starting this blog. To be honest, they found me, and I am so glad they did. I enjoy reading their writings:

Diabetes and Donuts

MumofType1: Surviving parenting 3 boys, one with Type 1 Diabetes


These are a few of my favorite go to Resources

Think Like a Pancreas This is my go to book. It has great information. The best part is it’s written FOR diabetics BY a diabetic. (Type 1)

Google Yes. I love to google. It is quick, easy, and painless to Google “how many carbs are in watermelon?” Try it. 🙂

Calorie Count We make a lot of meals from scratch and the carb count isn’t always available. This website makes it simple. I have found a few times when the carb count was off, but balanced with what I know and what I can Google, it’s a wonderful resource and gives a ballpark idea.

Apps: A list of apps for helping to manage your diabetes. These are Android apps, because that’s what we use. I know that Apple has some too. 🙂 My husband uses Accuchek. He has finally ditched the small paper book, which is great because those are getting difficult to find!

What are some of your favorite resources? Do you know of other diabetes related blogs? I’d love to visit! 

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