About Me

My name is Amy. I have been married to Chad, who has diabetes, for 17 years. Ie experience the highs and lows of his disease and stood next to him all these years. I have learned many things about Type 1 Diabetes. I am very involved in his care. I nag him about shots and blood sugars and eating, but I nag in love. I need him around for a long, long time. If I can help him achieve that long, long time, I will! We learn new things about diabetes almost every day. I want my blog to be an encouragement to others facing the same disease. My husband might carry the disease, but his entire family carries the burden. We are all affected by diabetes.

Thank you for reading our journey.

As my husband says “I am finally the star of SOMETHING”.

He is my Sugar Daddy. That position has been filled.

And so is the syringe.

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