Diabetes Yo Yo

It was a bit of a rough night. The morning started way too early for my liking, although our two year old seemed okay with it. (UGH!)

When my husband tested his blood sugar last night, it was in the 240’s. We kind of expected it to be high, because we had jasmine rice at dinner. We rarely have rice, but last night I was hankering for this for dinner. I will be having it for lunch today too. It was hard to stop at just one bowl. 🙂 At about 2:30AM, I heard my husband’s c-pap machine turn off. At 5:45, I don’t notice it, but my mind must have known it was the wrong time. I sat up, put my glasses on and asked what was going on. I asked if he had a low blood sugar and he said he thought so. He sounded a little slow, so I got up to check it for him. 57!

In the course of four and a half hours it went from 240 to 57.

This does not reassure me about his upcoming business trip!

After bringing his blood sugar back up to the normal range, covering the sheets from his sweat fest, and laying back down, I couldn’t sleep. First he was snoring. Then that two year old wasn’t interested in going back to sleep. I was going over “Where did we (I) go wrong?” And I couldn’t stop thinking about how to prepare him for his trip, to ease my mind and to help him in the case of a low blood sugar.

I told him that he had to wake up to test each night he is gone, no matter what. I am going to make sure he has some Squeezable apple sauce, pbj’s, and small sodas available. And I am going to pray A LOT.

(What are some other ready to go snacks he could have available?)

Parents of kids with diabetes, how on earth do you survive time away from your kids? I feel like a control freak, or that I am being really annoying about this. We’ve survived time apart before, but still I worry.

By the way, I went to the library yesterday and brought this home:


Just a little light reading for the kids’ summer break. 🙂

Back to that low blood sugar, what’s the deal with rice anyway?

Links and Resources

It’s a short one today, dear readers. Short but important. I want to share the links and resources that I find are valuable in managing my husband’s diabetes. He tests the blood sugars and gives the shots, but I learn the info. It works for us.

Here are two other diabetes related blogs I have come across since starting this blog. To be honest, they found me, and I am so glad they did. I enjoy reading their writings:

Diabetes and Donuts

MumofType1: Surviving parenting 3 boys, one with Type 1 Diabetes


These are a few of my favorite go to Resources

Think Like a Pancreas This is my go to book. It has great information. The best part is it’s written FOR diabetics BY a diabetic. (Type 1)

Google Yes. I love to google. It is quick, easy, and painless to Google “how many carbs are in watermelon?” Try it. 🙂

Calorie Count We make a lot of meals from scratch and the carb count isn’t always available. This website makes it simple. I have found a few times when the carb count was off, but balanced with what I know and what I can Google, it’s a wonderful resource and gives a ballpark idea.

Apps: A list of apps for helping to manage your diabetes. These are Android apps, because that’s what we use. I know that Apple has some too. 🙂 My husband uses Accuchek. He has finally ditched the small paper book, which is great because those are getting difficult to find!

What are some of your favorite resources? Do you know of other diabetes related blogs? I’d love to visit!