I Love the Pump

It’s been over a month of pumping now. Can I just say how much I love this thing? I don’t know how my husband feels about it. ha ha, yes I do. He is wondering why we had to wait so long to get it. (ahem, the price could have something to do with that!)

Chad had cataract surgery today. We tested his blood sugar up the wazoo, reduced his basal flow on the pump, and he stayed in the normal range the entire time! When the nurses would come in and ask if anyone had done a blood sugar check, I would say “Yep, 143” or whatever it was. I wasn’t waiting around. 🙂

Another new love? The Livongo Blood Glucose Monitor. Omigosh! We have only had it since Tuesday and I really, REALLY like this thing. It is 3g connected (I think). Each time he tests, it uploads to his online account. Yesterday, he hadn’t called me for lunch like normal. I texted, no reply. I finally realized that I could look online and see if he had tested prior to lunch. He hadn’t, so I knew he hadn’t eaten and I could (lovingly) nag him. That’s not all. UNLIMITED test strips. They start you out with 300 test strips, but if you use more, they send you more. All this for $25 a month for to years? Yes, yes, and yes!

Between the unlimited use of the test strips and his pump, I am feeling really hopeful about getting this diabetes beast better managed!

What’s new with you?

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